Becoming a Recognized Graphic Designer

As a graphic artist I have developed an eye for marketing. Visual is my forte, but a photograph or a drawing has to speak a thousand words, so I have refined a way of imaging words. Whether it’s a beautiful rolling meadow or an industrial setting full of cranes and electric cable hoists, it is important to see the real picture the words are conveying. How can I help impart a product’s point of view with a drawing only, sans text? How can I convey editorial weight with design? These are the very questions that stimulate the creative mind of a graphic artist.

At a recent event hosted by Esquire Magazine honoring several of the renowned artists who have influenced graphics and design through the decades, I had the pleasure of meeting a well-rounded group of proteges. The traditionalists who are always aware of incorporating different techniques to keep their work trendy, and the technocrats who work solely in the modern vernacular made up the mosaic of characters.

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