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alternative medicine practiceThe world is beginning to accept a fresh era in the healing arts. Tired of attempting to cure all of our ills with a pill, people are looking at different approaches to old problems. The premise for energy medicine is that the body has the capability to heal itself. Illness or physical imbalance is like a stretch limousine stranded on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck. Illness is a symptom that relays the message something is broken down. The connections need to be reestablished, or as in the car analogy brought to a place where it gets the attention it needs to run properly. According to the practitioners of Energy Medicine that place is within each of us.

Some forms of energy medicine engage an outside practitioner who may facilitate the healing using a particular modality. Others can perform a healing on themselves without the use of a practitioner. A few of the more recognized energy medicine practices are Rieki, Hands on Healing, acupressure, acupuncture, qigong, Emotional Freedom Technique, magnetic therapy, hypnotherapy – with more coming into play everyday. As the awareness in this burgeoning field grows so do the number of different methods used to facilitate the movement of energy.

The primary objective when healing with Energy Medicine is to free the natural tendencies of a healthy body so they can dominate. This ‘persuasive allowing’ relieves the root issue underlying the imbalance in the body. Once energy is running unobstructed and getting to the cause, symptoms are eliminated, dissolved or integrated. The aggravation within the body is lessened or cleared allowing our innate life force to run freely through our channels.

Energy Medicine is also used to prevent the onset of an illness. If you are feeling a cold coming on, or a headache that has the potential of turning into a migraine, a treatment can potentially stop the symptoms. Using acupressure or acupuncture for example as one form of Energy Medicine as a preventative by weakening or dissipating blockages that cause the symptoms. Using pressure or very fine needles on certain points of the body to open up channels, known as meridians can prevent a full blown health issue from developing further.

It’s also a great stress reliever. Yoga for instance can relax the body reducing cortisol levels significantly. Meditation and deep rhythmic breathing can be a way of sending the body a message to let go, thereby allowing it to stimulate the immune system. Physical symptoms such as arthritis, neck, shoulder and back pain have all been reported to have been alleviated with a process known as Quantum Touch. There are so many new healing techniques I could do an article on each one for weeks and not repeat myself.

I see this as a blessing. I see this as a gift. I think we are living in a time of choice. We may have to be more open minded than we were five to ten years ago, but we also have more control. We aren’t necessarily at the mercy of side effects and drug reactions, but we do have to find the right energy medicine – and not all are created equal. We have to discover who would be the best practitioner for our circumstances – and that can be a challenge. Even so we are making headway in finding this form of natural health to be an alternative to mainstream treatment.

With disease running amok despite all of our modern technologies, take a look at what the body itself is capable of if given the right prompts. Ask yourself if you are ready to step away from a solely traditional form of healing and participate in graphic new ideas in medicine.

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